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Электронная почта: anna-o@promdesign.ua


Promdesign is the only manufacturer of ABS in Ukraine up to 2050mm.

The production capabilities of the company "Promdesign" allow to produce sheets:
• size 2050*3050mm and 1000*2050mm;
• thickness from 0,8 mm to 6 mm;
• white, gray and black (others on request);
• with a smooth surface and 6 types of embossing.




ABS plastic is a thermoplastic impact-resistant technical resin, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer. It is a plastic material with a yellowish tinge, although there are also transparent versions of the product. ABS plastics can be easily dyed to any color.

Thanks to the combination of acrylonitrile and butadiene units with ABS styrene, the plastic is impact-resistant and elastic. It has unique physical properties, it is the most demanded material for the production of molded products. Based on ABS material, various composites are produced, which belong to the class of special polymers.

ABS plastic is widely used for electroplating and vacuum plating. It is easy to weld, also used for precision casting.


Advantages of ABS plastic:

• high dimensional stability;

• resistance to alkalis;

• high resistance to solutions of acids and inorganic salts;

• resistance to fats, lubricating oils, gasoline and hydrocarbons;

• smooth shiny surface. There are brands with both low and high gloss levels, as well as matte.


The main disadvantages of ABS plastic:

• low resistance to ultraviolet radiation;

• solubility in benzene, acetone, ether, anisole, aniline, ethyl chloride and ethylene chloride;

• low resistance to atmospheric influences.