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Polyethylene sheet

"PROMDESIGN" factory produces extruded sheets of polyethylene (PE-HD), mark PE-100. Production capabilities of the line allow the production of sheets:

  • width up to 2000 mm,
  • thickness from 3 to 15 mm,
  • 600 tons/month.

PromoPlast PE sheets are produced from primary raw materials of European quality, therefore our products are able to compete with the leading European manufacturers.

The following sheets of PromoPlast PE are always available at our warehouse:

  • color: black and natural (milky)
  • the size: 3000х1500 mm,
  • Thickness: 3 - 15 mm.

Depending on the customer's requirements, there can be produced the customized sheets of PromoPlast PE. The customer can chooce the size, color, UV stabilizer, functional additives, etc. The minimum order is from 3 tons.

During the production process, quality control is carried out together with our own product testing. PromoPlast PE has all the necessary certificates: technical specifications, sanitary and epidemiological certificates for products.


Polyethylene sheet


  • Molecular weight of HDPE - 50 000-3*106;
  • The density is 0.92-0.97 g/m3.

With increasing of density and molecular weight, the mechanical properties of PE increase. One of the main properties of polyethylene is frost resistance. Some brands of PE can be operated and retain their properties at temperatures below -200 °C.

HDPE is resistant to alkali, organic and inorganic acids, oils and fats, it is proof against moisture, not sensitive to impacts - it is a shock absorber, adhesion is extremely low, does not release toxic substances into the environment and is safe for the human body.

Polyethylene in sheets application scope:

  • car and mechanical engineering (petrol tanks, fenders);
  • production of containers for chemicals and food products, cutting boards, pallets, canopies, fish tanks and decorative pools, backpacks and bags bottom plates;
  • artificial ice (sheets of HDPE) and boxes for hockey courts;
  • sports and children's facilities finishing;
  • electrical and waterproofing for ventilation ducts and electrical equipment;
  • temporary road surfaces;
  • polygons, excavations, wells and tunnels strengthening;
  • production of molds for geomembranes forming, for pipes, pallets, covers, tiles, panels, geogrids, etc.

Table of differences between PPC and HDPE




t, melting

160-180 оС

110-120 оС





Less flexible

More flexible

Resistance to pollution



Resistance to pressure




Lower, 0.90 – 0.92

Higher, 0.92 – 0.97

Heat resistance

Higher, +80 оС

Lower, +60 оС

Frost resistance

Lower -20 оС

Very high, -50 оС.

Some marks are up to -250 оС