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Адрес: Харьковская область Харьков, 61000
Телефон:+38(057) 728-50-00
Электронная почта: anna-o@promdesign.ua

Polyvinylchloride (PVH)

The company "Promdesign" is a domestic manufacturer of sheet PVC. Production volumes of finished products exceed 250 tons / month. Production lines are equipped with high-tech modern equipment.

The products are made of high-quality PVC raw materials according to the classic recipe. During the production of the material, constant quality control is observed, and own tests of the products are made. This allows you to meet the high demands of the market.

The company Promdesign established PVC production under its own brands:

  • foamed PVC PromoFoam;
  • thin transparent PVC PromoClear;
  • hard (hard) PVC PromoPlast.

Our goal is a high-quality and inexpensive PVC with a wide range of denominations, a sheet size of 2.05 m x your size and, most importantly, produced in Ukraine!


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